The Left in all it’s biased glory

As a follow up to the Rush Limbaugh ‘slut’ post below, I thought I’d post an unedited radio commentary from ‘comedian’ Louis CK where he mocks Sarah Palin, her Down’s Syndrome son, and calls her vile things. This guy is a father of two kids and he has a potty mouth that needs a hook in it. Was he EVER asked to apologise? No. Was he banned? No. Was his sponsors asked to pull their support? No. And then you have the innocent Obama acting all high and mighty and condemning Rush Limbaugh, when he himself has laughed at some of the worst insults hailed at the Tea Party. Did he stop them? No. Did he denounce the comments? No, he laughed. Make no mistake – this attack on Rush Limbaugh is nothing but smoke and mirrors to use any means possible to smear the Conservatives for the upcoming election. Obama can’t run on his pathetic record, so he’s grasping at any straws to keep the hatred for the Right at a peak. And he’ll use any issue. The current flavor of the month is ‘women’s right’s’. How pathetic that this unmanly President has to use the shield of women to cover for him. His wife has bigger cojones than he has. He’s a wussy sissy pants, egotistical, spoilt little boy who is in an Affirmative Action appointee, ruining the country he’s entrusted to manage. The American Lefty liberals – all 20% of them – are the biggest empty vessels, making the most noise and controlling the national conversation. They are holding the country to ransom, all so that their pathetic little Utopian society agenda can be pushed. So that they can dictate how everyone else thinks, lives, and believes. If America doesn’t wake up soon they are going to wake up one day and be living under their rule. How much lower can America go? 

WARNING – foul language in video clip 

Reagan, Bush, Obama – ’nuff said

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  1. Please America vote this Obama nigglet out of power,the world will be a better place without him.

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