South Africa: Woman arrested for racist gym outburst

Wowie. In South Africa these days if you call a Black a Kaffir (Nigger in America) then you wind up in prison! However, if you murder, rape or steal, then your chances of being captured and jailed are about 10% – if that. Isn’t South Africa just grand? Blacks are allowed to do as they please, but just let one of the other races – in this case an Indian lady in a gym – racially slur a Black and off to jail you go to repent for your racism. The police responded so quickly that she was arrested as she left the gym. Amazing that the police can act so quickly to capture and punish someone using a word they don’t like, but if you have been raped or there’s been a murder you’ll be lucky to see the police anytime soon. It seems some pigs in South Africa are more equal than others. The article below even mentions where this lady works – and her name. Yet, if you’re a criminal you’re allowed to suppress your identity forever. This is so ridiculous that it’s becoming absurd. Soon people will be too scared to even open their mouths in public. Is this what the ANC meant by liberating the South African people? Is this the fair and just South Africa they wanted the world to believe was possible after they were given the country? And now the South African people – especially the non-Blacks – will have to pay for the liberals the world over who were jumping up and down to give the country to Mandela. They have blood on their hands and a bunch of savage dictators running a once successful country. Never mind that Blacks swear at the other races in their chattering language which no one  understands but them. But let someone utter a derogatory word that they understand then all hell breaks lose. This is the Black mentality that we tried to separate ourselves from for years. Now they are in charge of the jungle and their type of justice is going to get a lot worse. That’s all I have to say.

Richards Bay – A woman spent a night in jail after she allegedly used a racial slur against a black man at a gym – an accusation the accused allegedly doesn’t deny and for which she has already apologised.

Ashika Ramdeen, 39, appeared in court in Richards Bay on Thursday after the incident at the Virgin Active gym in the North Coast town on Wednesday evening.

The incident happened after the victim, a local lawyer, told Ramdeen she had jumped the queue at the super circuit, which involves doing a series of exercises in a particular order using specific equipment in a short amount of time.

According to the victim, Jabulani Cebekhulu, 34, Ramdeen wasn’t following commonly accepted circuit protocol.


“There is a procedure on the super circuit. [The accused] had jumped the queue. I asked her to move as it was my turn to use a machine she was seated at, but she refused and said it was ‘her right’ to use what and when she liked. She eventually said ‘Kaffirs will always be kaffirs’, to which I responded: ‘Why are you racially abusing me, why are you calling me a kaffir?’.”

He alleged she replied “You stupid kaffir”, and then walked off.

“I went straight to the police and laid a charge. It was only when I got home that I realised how much the incident had affected me; I couldn’t sleep. I was so angry. We are trying to build this country. We cannot accept this type of behaviour,” said Cebekhulu.

Ramdeen, who works for Exxaro KZN Sands, a subsidiary of Exxaro Group, which is South Africa’s largest BEE mining conglomerate, was arrested outside the gym shortly afterwards and held overnight. She is facing a charge of crimen injuria.

Ramdeen’s husband, Nakesh, said his wife was aware of what she had said and that she was deeply apologetic.

“My wife is suffering from stress, has recently developed a heart condition, has diabetes and is on a lot of medication, including anti-depressants. She can only use certain equipment at the gym because of her condition and is suffering from post-traumatic stress. She hasn’t gone to work in three weeks.

“What she said was completely out of character. She is sorry. We have lived in Zululand for 23 years and we love it here. She is certainly not a racist. We have friends from various racial groups,” said Nakesh.

Virgin Active said in a statement Ramdeen’s contract had been suspended with immediate effect.

Other racist incidents

Managing director of Virgin Active in South Africa, Ross Faragher-Thomas, said disputes between members were treated very seriously.

“We are committed to creating a safe and supportive environment for all our members. In the event of any member’s misconduct a hearing is called which could, and has in the past, resulted in members being suspended or expelled.”

Faragher-Thomas said the Richards Bay incident was reported to the manager on duty immediately and both members attended a meeting at the club where Ramdeen apparently made an apology.

The court matter has been postponed to March 14 for further investigation as two more statements are necessary from employees of the gym group.

Virgin Active has already been required to extinguish two racial incidents this year, both in Gauteng and involving white men. On December 31 a black woman was allegedly called “a bloody kaffir” at its Sandton gym and in February a black man was called a “boy” and told that black people shouldn’t try to control everything at the Sunninghill gym.

In the latter case the accused was banned from all Virgin Active gyms and Virgin boss Sir Richard Branson issued a statement: “We do not condone any form of discrimination, especially racism.”



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  1. I don't know why we whites and indians still use Virgin Active….leave immediately and let the dark ones take over, I say.
    this is not the first time that this type of thing has happened at aVirgin. LEAVE!!!

  2. You are correct. This is the second instance involving Virgin Active. I wouldn't spend a cent there.

  3. I have to complain about them abusing the showering facilities. It seems they only visit the gym to get a free shower… but I suppose its allowed.

  4. @ anon 9 march 11;03 I agree with you,I wish Sir Richard “CUNT” Branson would stuff his Virgin Active up his asshole.What a liberal tit he is.

  5. Come on Ramdeen, don't you know that only Black taxi drivers are allowed to jump queues. Foolish not to vacate the machine in question but to take this to the police how absolutely pathetic. Being over 60 and knowing what TRUELY happened during the so-called struggle, I heard more Blacks than Whites saying “Kaffir”. Not only to one another but on 2 occasions to their own children. Emily my neighbour's (Germiston) domestic whilst complaining to me about her 2 year old son Mandla said “He thinks he is a “White Kaffir” but I will show him that he is a “Black Kaffir”. Needless to say we both collapsed laughing.

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