Norwegian Defence league created by the Left

Mike Smith has a really good blog entry on how Communists create their own opposition. As if on cue we hear that the Norwegian Defense League has been exposed as being infiltrated and run by Marxist activists in order to embarrass the Right-wing and to collect their personal details. Hopefully this will be a lesson to everyone out there about who and what you support. There is nothing wrong with having a suspicious nature – it will probably save you a lot of headaches later in life. Below is the translated article about the NDL so apologies for the poor English.

(Dagbladet): 9 last April, on the anniversary of Nazi Germany’s invasion of Norway, demonstrating the Islam hostile and extreme-right group, Norwegian Defence league (NDL) against the “Islamic occupation” in Oslo. NDL had about a thousand people with strong anti-Islamic attitudes and a number of well-known right-wing members. 

Activists from the violent and extremist counterpart, English Defence League (EDL) in the UK sEIST to Norway to participate. 

Led by anti-racists

Dagbladet can now reveal that the demonstration was organized by several anti-racists. According to several independent sources were NDLs management infiltrated by people with close ties to the SOS Racism and trust in the organization.

– When we decided to organize the demonstration had people who worked with SOS Racism, a clear majority in the management of the NDL, says a former member of the NDL-management to Dagbladet. 

The person says that he worked to infiltrate the leadership of NDL for several years, under a false name. In practice, built and operated the NDL, as they reported to SOS Racism, according to several sources. 

– SOS Racism had full control of the NDL. In 2010 and until the spring of 2011 we were working in collaboration with SOS Racism, a clear majority of the board and management of the NDL, said the person. 

In the interests of the involved persons’ safety, Dagbladet chose not to disclose their names. 


The information confirmed by several independent sources, including people who followed the cooperation within the SOS Racism. 

– It included the SOS Racism which suggested that the demonstration NDLs 9 april would be Kontraskjæret at Akershus Fortress. There, it was easy to make a counter-demonstrations for them. 

Only a handful of NDL sympathizers showed up. The demonstration was branded as a failure and management of the organization were replaced . 

SOS Racism fielded several dozen counter-demonstrators and received much attention. 

Several of those present knew of efforts to control the NDL by infiltrators, according to the Dagbladet know. Dagbladet has asked SOS Racism for an opinion on this matter. The organization confirmed that they read Dagbladet’s request, but gave no answer. 

A key representative of SOS Racism as pointed out by several sources as a director of NDL in 2010 and 2011, denied knowledge of the infiltration. 

– What you ask about has no basis in reality, he answers questions from Dagbladet. 

False identities

Infiltrators used the fake profiles and identities on websites to get into the NDL-management.How wondered the initiators of the NDL to give them key positions, according to sources.NDL-management often met through video conferencing on the Internet, but rarely face to face. 

– It’s tough for the psyche to work like that. Sitting up to their necks in racism and sewers. I’ve really got sympathy for police officers working over time to reveal, for example, child pornography, says a source who followed the work closely to manage the NDL. 

NDLs leader at this time was Lena Andreassen. She must have been unaware that she was surrounded by infiltrators. Andreassen do not want to comment on the matter. 

– Would have enemy

During the period when the NDL should have had a board majority consisting of anti-racists, the group went from being an unknown Facebook group to become nationally known. 

The then leader PST Janne Kristiansen NDL mentioned as a possible threat, at a press conference in February 2011. Both PST and Oslo Police have spent considerable resources on the NDL. 



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