South Africa: Brutal assault caught on CCTV

Who wants to see how lawless South Africa is today? Me, me, me! Well, click on the video below to see how a South African “Taxi” driver – the scourge of the country – first drives into a pedestrian and then stops, gets out of his taxi and kicks him out cold. Watch how the Black bystanders just leave the man to lie there and don’t even bother to see if he’s still alive. If it were White people standing there, they would have called the ambulance and tried to help him out. Of that I can guarantee you 100%. Not so the Blacks. They don’t care and that is what is wrong in Black Africa. They just don’t care about their fellow man. You’ll be shocked to hear that the police initially dropped all charges against the taxi driver due to insufficient evidence (!) – aka, a bribe was paid – but public pressure and I’m guessing the video tape has made them do a 180 degree turn and now charges have been laid. This is just one example of what is happening in South Africa today. This is not the only tape of such blatant crime and police corruption. And it won’t be the last. Lucky for the victim that this was captured on tape and hopefully the taxi driver will be prosecuted, but I’m not holding my breath.

Bloemfontein – CCTV footage of a Bloemfontein minibus taxi driver driving into and then cruelly assaulting a pedestrian in a road rage incident in Andries Pretorius Street has attracted international attention after going viral on the internet.

Minibus taxi driver Aggrey Mojanaga, 43, appeared in the Bloemfontein Magistrate’s Court on a charge of assault on Monday, but the charge was provisionally withdrawn by the Free State director of public prosecutions due to a lack of evidence. The case may be reopened.

Volksblad has meanwhile removed the footage from YouTube at the request of Stanley Reizis, owner of the Brent Oil fuel station whose security cameras recorded the incident last week.

Reizis, a well-known businessman and developer, received calls from as far as Greece about the incident, and insists that the road rage attack had nothing to do with his fuel station. It took place in the road in which his business is situated, and the name of his business can be seen in the video. 

Widely discussed

A Canadian, however, made a copy of the original video uploaded by Volksblad and posted it under the title “Brutal Road Rage Caught on CCTV in South Africa” on the video sharing site. 

By Thursday morning, nearly 90 000 people had already viewed the video on YouTube.

The video has been posted on several national and international websites and has been discussed widely on radio stations, television and social media sites such as Twitter.

The American website Guyism also put the video in their humour section, saying that hopefully South Africa has anger management classes. Even Japanese and Dutch sites spread the video footage.

There has also been widespread outrage at the witnesses, who stood watching and failed to intervene in the incident. The victim was reportedly hospitalised, but has been discharged.

Police said the investigation into the driver of the taxi with the registration number DHK506FS would continue.


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