South Africa: Ministers’ housing to cost nearly R6bn

Ahhhh, the ANC. Their ‘struggle’ story just gets better and better doesn’t it? Whilst their own Black people starve and scratch in the dirt for food – the unemployment figure is north of 25% – their government ‘ministers’ are getting the best housing to the tune of nearly $1bn a year – and the amount goes up every year. As the ANC government expands, their life of luxury expands with it. Today we see exactly why the ANC fought so hard to take over the country. South Africa is a very wealthy country, rich in mineral deposits which the world needs. The ANC is the only beneficiary of this wealth, and not the people of South Africa. No, the ordinary people have to pay higher and higher taxes, which the ANC ostensibly uses to run the country (into the ground). When the world saw fit to pressure the NP government to hand the country over to a bunch of liberation terrorists, aka the ANC, a prosperous country was handed over to them. In fact, Africans from all over the continent were battling to get into the country so they could live like the South African Blacks were living. Within 2 decades under ANC rule the country is a basket case with the liberation terrorists shoving their hands deeper than ever into the money box and living the life of other African dictators. It is their reward. They won’t be ousted easily. No, there will be huge blood shed were their life of luxury threatened. Think of how Mugabe reacted when his leadership was shown for what it was – a self-interested parasite, intent on lining his pockets whilst his people looked on. Oh well, South Africa is another African success story. One day the South African Blacks will be begging the White Afrikaners to look after them again. Mark my words.


Johannesburg – New housing and offices for ministers, their deputies and members of Parliament will cost nearly R6bn, it was reported on Monday.

The Star newspaper reported that last year’s budget documents put the total cost of the Prestige Portfolio programme around R4bn.

This year’s Budget documents said the rise to R5.74bn was related to housing for ministers and their deputies, particularly with regards to “Parliamentary villages” in Cape Town and Pretoria.

The department of public works had reportedly ignored attempts by the newspaper to explain the rise in spending. The portfolio currently falls under the department’s budget allocation.

The Budget documents state that the main reason for the cost increase was Cabinet’s expansion in 2009.

In two years from 2007/08 to 2009/10 – when the planning for the expanded Cabinet came into effect – the prestige budget doubled.

The breakdown of spending over the past seven years of the programme was listed in each year’s budget, but did not include the full cost of the programme. The amount for only those years were listed.



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