South African police brutality continued

Anyone still in doubt that the police in South Africa are brutal thugs can view the video below. This is how they treat their own Black people. The world was up in arms a few decades ago when White police men would try and quell Black on Black violence or violent rioting. The MSM would plaster this laughable ‘brutality’ all over the media, trying to smear them. Today the Black police force is a far more sinister, violent, corrupt and useless police force which is being exposed over and over again via modern technology, yet all you hear from the world is crickets. Contrast to what the media reaction would be were this a White police officer? Why, the UN, Human Rights Watch and every other bleeding heart organisation would be frothing at the mouth, decrying the inhumanity. Black police? Not so much. 

Warning: graphic content.  

A video clip of a uniformed police officer brutally attacking an individual has surfaced on the internet. Instead of facing a charge of attempted murder, the officer involved is facing a lesser charge of assault with intent to do grievous bodily harm. He also spent time as the acting station commander of Vaalwater Police Station, after the incident occurred. 

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