South Africa: President sings Shoot the Boer – Jan 2012

Here is another example of how Black Africans act. The PRESIDENT of South Africa is caught on tape singing about shooting and hitting the Boers (Farmers/Afrikaners). When you watch the clip keep repeating to yourself that this is a president of a country singing about committing violent acts against innocent citizens of his country. Whilst he sings to his fellow IQ67 South African Blacks, his ‘cadres’ dance like monkeys for him. And these people are in charge of running a country. Never, ever wonder again why Black Africa is backward and stunted. How do you expect civilised people to live with savages like this? It’s the 21st century and they still act like they’re living in the dark ages – just like they did before White people arrived in the Cape. There really is no hope and if anyone thinks there is then they’re fooling themselves. Keep them dumb and believing in the spirits and they will be eternal ANC voters, and that’s exactly what Zuma and his ANC buddies are all about. You can put a pig in a suit, but it’s still a pig.


About limelite001

This is my tribute to highlighting the hyposcrisy in the left and racial world...

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  1. An Indian woman called a Black a kaffir the other day – big hoo hah over that, as can be imagined.

    Now whilst I'm personally against the use of such terminology, yet when the PRESIDENT of the country sings an illegal song about shooting and hitting Boers, this is considered OK!

    Where is the indignant outcry from the Western MSM and lickspittle politicians?

    Oh, forgot, the only news they're interested in is when Whites are “racist” …

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