Caught: Staged CNN Syria Interviews Faked By Activist Danny

Oops. CNN has been caught with their pants down, staging interviews with ‘activists’ in Syria. Seems like the Syrian situation is not as it seems – otherwise, why would these ‘activists’ feel the need to lie and stage their interviews and ‘wounded, dying and dead’? It’s just like the Kony 2012 video that went viral a few days ago, and which more than 60 million people watched (no, I’m not one, I wasn’t that gullible). Problem is that Kony hasn’t been seen for years and is most likely outside of Uganda and not actively doing what the film makers say he’s doing. In the meantime, if you donated $30 you would get the Kony bracelet and a package to tell you all about this evil man. Man are people stupid. In the meantime, the man behind the Kony saga has been arrested and sent to a mental hospital as he was found walking the streets naked, masturbating, drunk and damaging cars. I’m thinking he was high on the amount of money he made in a few short days with his untrue propaganda film. Maybe he was even trying for the West to invade Uganda under false pretenses? In any case, back to Syria. Let this be a lesson about not just believing everything you’re fed. 


Syria activist Danny, the poster child to justify a military invasion in Syria, caught staging entire CNN interviews including directing fake gunfire off stage.

Raw video footage of the Syria activist Danny as he waits to do a live video interview with CNN shows him directing off-stage fake gunfire and explosions, as well as being directed to tell CNN he has been retrieving the bodies of civilians from buildings that collapse due to Syria army mortar fire. It also shows Danny totally exaggerating a sense of fear and urgency as he goes from being totally calm, smiling and even somewhat bored before the on air interview starts to acting totally scared, hysterical and pretending he is in the middle of a war zone as soon as the actual interview starts.
I have condensed footage of the original video to remove 5 uneventful minutes of watching him waiting around before the interview because most people will not stay interested long enough to get to the parts were he starts directing his off-stage actors to start the faked off stage gunfire. Also below are two detailed reports from the Intel Hub and Infowars on this incident, which outline more faked activist reports and other crimes committed by the rebels. 
If you were not already aware, the US and European nation’s are relying solely on the accounts of these activists to justify invading Syria. 
In fact, I recently posted another video of Syria activists staging videos of fake dead civilians on about half way down on this article. 

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