Memo from Johannesburg

Read the startling statistics below and see why South Africa is Doomed with a capital D. This was posted on the Gates of Vienna website which has woken up to the plight of White South Africans.  South Africa’s current population is about 50 million, of which 40 million are African Blacks, the rest made up by Whites, Coloureds (mix race), Indians, and others. So, you have millions of IQ67 supporting and voting for the ANC. Election after election the Blacks vote for the ANC – no matter what they’ve done to further impoverish their own people. And still today we see in the stats below that only 1/3 of respondents are unwilling to live under ‘undemocratic’ rule in exchange for housing and jobs; which means that 2/3 are willing to be bent over a barrel for any free thing the government can provide. See why they’re doomed? It if wasn’t obvious before, maybe it will be now. 


Ra5cal from Johannesburg just sent us the following message with the latest poll results from South Africa:

An update on the situation in South Africa which came to me via an NY Times twitter feed (no links yet).

At the Afrobarometer survey launch in South Africa. Lots of interesting data on public attitudes in SA:

  • 71% say using force or violence during a protest is wrong.

    [Ironic, as service delivery protests are often violent/destructive. Also, this means 29% of 40 million South Africans support violent protest.]

  • 38% said the government should be able to restrict any information it wants, 48% said only for national security.

    [Interesting, as it points out that 86% of South Africans support the government’s plan to restrict information access.]

  • Only 1/3 of respondents unwilling to live under undemocratic rule in exchange for housing, jobs.

    [Does this mean 2/3 support autocratic rule if they will be given work and a roof over their heads?]

If this were a referendum, the results would show that the majority of South Africans (and looking at the percentages, this most likely means a certain population group) support a Zimbabwe-style one-party government that will redistribute assets to the people.

It also means that more than ten million South Africans are willing to resort to violence to get what they want.

We are talking about a looming post-Apartheid failure on democracy, education and human rights on a massive scale.

It really saddens me to read these stats, because on the one hand it shows that the government has its work cut out for it if it is to turn the tide on ignorance. Yet it is the same ANC majority-led government that has perpetuated — and is still perpetuating — this cycle of ignorance and violence to serve its own ends

This means there is no happy ending.



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  1. Well most Africans would be ecstatic about living under a dictator as long as the dictator was of the same tribe. Its what they’ve always known. This “Democracy” fandangle is only good for keeping the stupid golden geese laying those golden eggs.

    But just like the Scorpion and the Frog they will not be able to stop themselves from killing that goose because it just looks so damn yummy.

  2. Ai Earl….

  3. It is the unabridged truth. It might hurt, the truth often does, which is why it is illegal in many places.

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