UK: Truth about your tax bill

The UK government is to send every tax payer a personal annual statement showing where their tax pounds have been spent. Depressingly it will show that the bulk – a whopping 33% of your annual taxes – are spent on welfare. So, one third of your taxes are given to people who mostly don’t bother to go out and work. The government takes 28% of your money in taxes – nearly a third of what you earn; which roughly means for every £3 you earn, they take £1 for themselves in taxes. Ain’t life grand? We are nothing but tax serfs to these governments. They are ready to take and redistribute to those who don’t want to support themselves so that they get their vote to stay in power. Buying power has taken on a new meaning! What happened to the good old days when your money was yours and not the governments and when did this change? Since welfare rolled in, wealth has rolled out and these same welfare countries are in debt up to their eyeballs trying to sustain the farce. Well, I don’t know about you, but I’m sick of supporting people who chose not to work and contribute to society. How much more must we be bled dry by these appalling welfare systems?

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Every taxpayer is to get a personal annual statement revealing how each pound taken from them by the Revenue is spent.

George Osborne will announce the radical move in tomorrow’s Budget, saying every worker has the right to know how their taxes are spent once the money enters the public purse.

In some cases, the results are likely to prove startling. 

A higher-rate taxpayer earning £50,000 this year would be told they paid £14,183 in tax and National Insurance – of which around a third, £4,727.67, is spent on welfare.

At the same time, £2,469.68 is spent on health, £1,848.73 on education, £818.52 on defence and £705.62 on public order and safety. A further £141.12 is given to foreign aid and £70.56 is handed to the EU.

A Treasury source said: ‘It’s quite right that people know how much tax they pay and  what it’s spent on.’

The Chancellor believes that revealing exactly how the money from Britain’s 29million taxpayers is used will change for ever public attitudes to Government spending.

Tory ministers are also hopeful that if the public is more aware of how much they really contribute, they will be more inclined to vote for parties which favour lower taxes.

And they believe making more taxpayers aware that the basic rate is 31p, not 20p – once national insurance is included – would help transform voters’ relationship with the state.

The Chancellor is also considering even more radical reform, which would see income tax and National Insurance merged. As well as saving businesses billions in administration costs, Labour would not be able to use increased National Insurance contributions as a politically cost-free way of raising money to spend in areas such as the NHS.

Treasury Minister David Gauke said: ‘For a lot of people, the tax line on their pay slip is the only time they see just how much they’re paying in tax, but the Government doesn’t think that’s good enough. 

‘We want to make tax more transparent and we want people to be more engaged with their own tax affairs. We plan to lift the lid on tax so that people understand how much they are paying, what their overall tax rate is and what they should be paying.’ 

Conservative MP Ben Gummer, who has championed the idea of personal statements, said: ‘Few of us would part with more than a few pence without a record of how it was spent. From supermarket receipts to electricity bills, we expect an itemised breakdown of where our money goes.

‘Yet for our largest monthly payment, to the taxman, we get just two numbers printed on a pay slip. We are not told the overall value of our taxation obligation. 

‘We are not told what proportion of our income it represents. Crucially, we are not told how the Government spends the money we are made to give it. This must change.



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  1. To really rub the Brits noses in it they spend most of that welfare tax not on white Brits in need but on the tens of millions of foreign welfare seekers that they incentivized to come to Britain from desolate 3rd world hellholes of whom the vast majority will never contribute to the kitty and of whom the vast majority of their descendants will also not contribute but use that welfare to squat in some enclave that is exempt from British law and beyond the reach of Britain.

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