At last, Britain axes aid to India

I have a few things to say about this article. Firstly, there is good news and bad news for the English tax payer – the good news is that Britain will stop giving hundreds of millions of pounds to India……by 2015. The bad news is that £1.6billion will have been paid to India before the aid is stopped. How’s that for meaning what you say! Seventy percent of British people don’t want aid to go to India – a country so poor it has it’s own space program (!) – and they also don’t want the aid budget to be increased to 0.7% of Britain’s national income. This is how crazy these so-called Conservative Tories are in the UK. They are broke – they are borrowing nearly £120 billion a year to keep going, yet they are hell bent on INCREASING their foreign aid burden so that they give this borrowed money away to other countries. I could swear I’m in a parallel universe to these idiots. All the while they are treating their own people like money teats. And amazingly, this reduction in foreign aid to India – which British people have been complaining about for years – is announced shortly after India kicked the Tories in the eye by awarding a £13 billion defence deal with France. How’s that for thank you very much for your free money! International Development Secretary Andrew Mitchell sounds like one hell of a tosser. He is swaggering around spouting about how tough he is in awarding free money to only deserving countries, yet he is willing to put the UK tax payers into huge debt just so he can hobnob it all over the place. If this is the Conservative Party then I’m a flying pig. They are nothing more than TINO’s – Tories in name only! Mr Cameron has turned out to be one heck of a disappointment and I’m sure the British people feel the same way.

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Britain is to stop doling out hundreds of millions of pounds in aid to India, the Coalition announced yesterday.

International Development Secretary Andrew Mitchell said the  current eight-year £1.6billion aid package – which will last until 2015 – would be the last.
Until then, the average annual spend on aid to India will be £280million, despite the fact that the country is rich enough to have a space programme.
Last month, India’s finance minister, Pranab Mukherjee, said he did not even want Britain’s aid and that it is just a ‘peanut’ in the booming country’s development expenditure. 
Mr Mukherjee spoke just days after India decided to reject a British-built Typhoon fighter jet as preferred candidate for a £13billion defence deal – choosing a French option instead. 
There has been growing anger from Tory backbenchers over the increase in Britain’s aid budget, which comes at a time when public services are being slashed in the UK.
Now Mr Mitchell has accepted that the aid programme to India should be wound up as the Indian economy booms and its own efforts to alleviate poverty become increasingly effective.

He told The Sunday Times: ‘We are walking the last mile with them.’ 
A poll in the paper showed that 69 per cent of the population believe Britain should stop giving aid to India.
Mr Mitchell said: ‘I completely understand why  people question the aid  programme to India and we questioned it ourselves.

‘That’s why we reviewed every aspect of it when we came into government and changed it fundamentally. The fact is we didn’t mess around . . . We won’t be there forever.’ 
Unlike other Whitehall departments, the Department for International Development’s budget is rising by 35 per cent in real terms by 2015.

And a Bill will be introduced later in this Parliament to enshrine in law the commitment that 0.7 per cent of Britain’s national income will be spent on aid. 
However, the Sunday Times poll showed that 71 per cent said they disagreed with these plans – while two thirds said they believed Britain spends too much on international development.
Mr Mitchell said that although the aid budget was increasing, there was greater scrutiny of how the money is spent.
He said: ‘The first thing I did when I walked into the office was tell them, no more cheques to China and Russia unless they are legally due. You know, we don’t pussyfoot around. We get stuck in.
‘The China programme was wound down. We were astonished at the extent of Labour largesse with taxpayers’ money in areas we didn’t think were the right areas.’ 
He added: ‘We expect value for every single pound. If we don’t see results, we are absolutely ruthless in stopping money.
‘We have reduced our administration cost by 33 per cent, and cut staff. We are saving people from starvation; vaccinating children at the rate of one every two seconds.
‘What we are doing is not only right, but in Britain’s national interests.’ 
Tory backbencher Philip Davies had led calls for aid to be withdrawn from India.
Last month, he said: ‘India spends tens of billions on defence and hundreds of millions a year on a space programme – in those circumstances it would be unacceptable to give them aid even if they were begging us for it.
‘Given that they don’t even want it, it would be even more extraordinary if it were to be allowed to continue.’
A spokesman for the Department for International Development said: ‘The UK’s position remains the same – nothing has changed. 
‘As Andrew Mitchell said at the time we announced the results of the Bilateral Aid Review, the Indian government has made huge progress on tackling poverty but there is a huge need in India.
‘We will not be there forever – we have said we are walking the last mile – but now is not the time to end the programme.’



Mike Smith new blog address – pass it on

Mike Smith’s blog was deleted and he has a new address:   

Pass it on – pass it wide and far! The truth will out….keep fighting the good fight. 


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USA: A Black Male Teacher for Every Student!

The USA education secretary, Arne Duncan, has decided that the education system needs more Black male teachers in the classroom. Why? Well, because Blacks kids – especially males – don’t do well at school and Mr Duncan – a Black sympathiser – has decided that more Black male teachers will do the trick. And as if by magic, these wonderful new Black male teachers (which they’ll get where?) will make Black kids suddenly get fantastic grades, keep out of trouble, not be pregnant by 11 and the flowers will bloom and the bees will sing. So, why is Mr Duncan allowed to voice such blatant racist sentiments? After all, he doesn’t call on more White or Asian male teachers. No, only Black and Hispanic male teachers. According to Mr Duncan, ALL students will benefit. Says who? Why will White males benefit from having a Black male teacher? See how Mr Duncan is being a tad dishonest? He can’t say that he only wants the Black male teachers teaching in Black schools – that’s racist – so he has to say everyone will benefit. Well, if this is the precedent he’s setting then he’s on rocky terrain. If Black males can identify and see what they can become by having a Black male teacher, then surely the same is true for Asians and Whites by having a teacher of their own race? Nah, that’s not how it works in Mr Duncan’s mind. As long as the Black population is pandered to, then all is right in Mr Duncan’s tiny racist world. This claim by Mr Duncan can be held against him and Obama if people had the cojones to do it, but in today’s PC world this won’t happen in case Blacks are offended…..In the meantime, Whites and Asian children will do the right thing, go to school and get educated without every Tom, Dick and Mr Duncan begging them to do so. And Black kids will wait for their magic Black Male teachers to save them from themselves. 


Our education secretary, Arne Duncan, offered the following bizarre claim: “I think all of our students benefit from having a black male in the classroom.”
Black males represent only one out of every 50 teachers, and that’s a major social problem, according to the federal government.  The solution is de rigueur racial preferences and more government spending.  With that solution in mind, the federal government is now going to devote untold resources to a program called the TEACH Campaign.

The goal of the program is to “increase the number, quality, and diversity of teachers in the classroom.”  The methods employed are described only in warm and fuzzy terms, such as “trying to recruit more African-American men to go into teaching straight out of college.”  The premise of the program is that black students, especially black males, would benefit from a black male role model in the classroom.  While there may be some minimal short-term benefit to such an approach, the long-term implications are exceptionally troubling.
The significance of this program is that one racial group is slowly gaining the right to choose to associate with members of its own racial group in the educational system.  Duncan has said, “We need more men of color in our schools.”  The “of color” designation refers only to Hispanics and blacks, for the purposes of the TEACH program.  Whites and Asians don’t count.  The federal government is not advocating racial matching of teachers and students for the benefit of whites and Asians.  The mere suggestion would be treated as a racist absurdity.   
Only time will tell how many tax dollars and how much government power will be brought to bear to achieve this feat of social engineering.  In the meantime, so much for a colorblind America, and so much for judging people by the content of their character.
Racial favoritism is not surprising coming from the Obama administration, but it is certainly still disturbing on several levels.  When it comes to programs like the TEACH Campaign, the underlying rationale is rarely questioned.  One deeper problem, which is almost never mentioned, concerns the racial attitudes inherent in such policies.
As Duncan made clear, the main beneficiaries of the program are supposed to be black male students.  Black male teachers benefit “all of our students[,]” Duncan says, “[b]ut particularly our young black males.”  As one black teacher explained to CNN News, black male students with a black male teacher are “able to see what they’ll become one day, and if those images are positive, it raises their self identity to another level.”  This can be called the race-based education theory — the notion that one learns better when instructed by a person with the same racial group identity.
Race-based education is a step far beyond the promising and often successful experiments in single-sex education.  Having a male teacher in the classroom is of some benefit to male students.  Schools around the country, with diverse ethnic and ideological identities, are opting for single-sex education.  Young men of all racial groups are more likely to defer and compose themselves in the presence of a male authority figure.
But Arne Duncan is not talking about young men in general benefiting from male authority figures per se.  Instead, Duncan tells us that “a black male” teacher in particular will be of benefit to “all” students.  The evidence is mixed on whether race-based student-teacher pairings benefit members of the designated racial groups.  On the other hand, there is no evidence that all students benefit from having a minority teacher.  It is a major oversell for Duncan to claim as much.  But Duncan had to say that “all” students benefit, because the only alternative was to make an honest statement about the one group of students who might actually stand to gain: black males.
The grotesquely contorted logic of Duncan’s assertion is further highlighted by applying that logic to other racial groups.  There are just as few Hispanic male teachers as there are black male teachers.  The TEACH program makes mention of Hispanics as well, but we have not yet been told by our federal government that all students would benefit from having a Hispanic male in the classroom.  For that matter, all students could benefit from an Asian male, or a biracial male.  Perhaps all students could benefit from a Scotch-Irish WASP male as well.  Once the government begins playing racial favorites, there is no principled end to the crass tribal favoritism that will ensue.
The need for black male teachers arises from the supposed interests of the black male students.  Duncan should have simply left it at that.
Let us pretend that Secretary Duncan has cracked the code; assume that there would be some significant improvement in learning if there were more black male teachers for black male students.  Let us also assume that the benefits of race-based education are worth the costs.  Even assuming all of that, Duncan will still need to find black males willing to enter the teaching profession.  Specifically, Duncan will have to find college-educated black men who will volunteer to teach the “disadvantaged,” by serving in classrooms in troubled communities.  This may prove to be infeasible.  Young black men, like many other students, often go to college to advance themselves and leave behind the neighborhoods that threatened to hold them back.  In some schools, particularly those which perform worst, being verbally abused is the very least of a teacher’s fears.  The prospect of attempting to teach such difficult young men (the group that Duncan said will “particularly” benefit from race-based education) is not a future that many will embrace.  For instance, Philadelphia’s mayor, who is black, publicly referred to the teens responsible for a rash of racial mob violence and said of those teens, “[Y]ou’ve damaged your own race.”
In fact, it requires a combination of optimism and unfamiliarity — i.e., naiveté — to set foot into such troubled classrooms.  Young whites possess those qualities in abundance, which explains why whites make up an incredible 73% of teachers in urban city schools, and 91% of teachers in urban schools outside cities, according to Leslie T. Fenwick, the Dean of Howard University’s School of Education.     
College-educated black men will be aware of what awaits in “disadvantaged” classrooms.  They will be familiar with the slander, repeated by too many black students, that getting good grades is “acting white.”  Given that mentality, the teacher is just someone who helps black kids “act white.”  Black men, many of whom are directly familiar with the challenges that await teachers, will quite reasonably choose other careers.  Or, rather, if they do become teachers, they will generally prefer not to teach in poorly performing schools where their racial identity would ostensibly be of greatest benefit.
As dubious as race-based education is, many will argue that it is a necessary evil in response to a dire educational problem.  Duncan points out:

… [W]e’re competing with the gangs, we’re competing with the drug dealers on the corner, and when students fall through the cracks, when young people don’t have that positive mentor, in a school setting, in the church or community, there’s always a guy on the street corner that can say come my way.

In other words, to counter the disastrous effects of ghetto culture, it may be necessary to engage in patently race-based social engineering.
So this is what liberalism has come to: we’re meeting cultural decline with bad policy.  Perhaps we can take some comfort in knowing that the students themselves haven’t advocated for race-based education.  Rather, educational experts — many of whom are white and almost all of whom are liberal — have decided that young black men should be taught more often by black men.  Aside from the blatant racial hypocrisy involved, race-based education is another desperate effort to alter a subculture that is actively refusing the clear path to opportunity, which is so clearly laid out by free K-12 public education.


Caught: Staged CNN Syria Interviews Faked By Activist Danny

Oops. CNN has been caught with their pants down, staging interviews with ‘activists’ in Syria. Seems like the Syrian situation is not as it seems – otherwise, why would these ‘activists’ feel the need to lie and stage their interviews and ‘wounded, dying and dead’? It’s just like the Kony 2012 video that went viral a few days ago, and which more than 60 million people watched (no, I’m not one, I wasn’t that gullible). Problem is that Kony hasn’t been seen for years and is most likely outside of Uganda and not actively doing what the film makers say he’s doing. In the meantime, if you donated $30 you would get the Kony bracelet and a package to tell you all about this evil man. Man are people stupid. In the meantime, the man behind the Kony saga has been arrested and sent to a mental hospital as he was found walking the streets naked, masturbating, drunk and damaging cars. I’m thinking he was high on the amount of money he made in a few short days with his untrue propaganda film. Maybe he was even trying for the West to invade Uganda under false pretenses? In any case, back to Syria. Let this be a lesson about not just believing everything you’re fed. 


Syria activist Danny, the poster child to justify a military invasion in Syria, caught staging entire CNN interviews including directing fake gunfire off stage.

Raw video footage of the Syria activist Danny as he waits to do a live video interview with CNN shows him directing off-stage fake gunfire and explosions, as well as being directed to tell CNN he has been retrieving the bodies of civilians from buildings that collapse due to Syria army mortar fire. It also shows Danny totally exaggerating a sense of fear and urgency as he goes from being totally calm, smiling and even somewhat bored before the on air interview starts to acting totally scared, hysterical and pretending he is in the middle of a war zone as soon as the actual interview starts.
I have condensed footage of the original video to remove 5 uneventful minutes of watching him waiting around before the interview because most people will not stay interested long enough to get to the parts were he starts directing his off-stage actors to start the faked off stage gunfire. Also below are two detailed reports from the Intel Hub and Infowars on this incident, which outline more faked activist reports and other crimes committed by the rebels. 
If you were not already aware, the US and European nation’s are relying solely on the accounts of these activists to justify invading Syria. 
In fact, I recently posted another video of Syria activists staging videos of fake dead civilians on about half way down on this article. 

South Africa: Nun bashed to death with hammer

Not so sure that the victim was a nun. From another report, it seems she was a widow volunteer worker who divided her time between The Netherlands and South Africa. She set up the Mangwazane mission in Ubombo, KZN South Africa to help Aids-orphans. Her thanks? Being bashed to death with a hammer to the head and her body dumped over a cliff by three Black men whom she fed and cared for. Nice hey? Oh well, the orphanage will probably close and all the orphan kiddies with Aids left to their own devices now that their White angel is dead – their own Black people won’t look after them so it’s usually Whites who think they can save Black people and who are stupid enough to risk their lives that do it. And it’s not like these criminals who committed this disgusting crime didn’t know the good she was doing for sick, unwanted black children or what the possible consequences would be if she were murdered. Despite that, they still went ahead and bashed her to death. Why? I’m sure a lot of people would like to know why these 3 would kill a 66-year old defenseless woman in such a brutal way. That’s just the African way and liberals will still excuse this behavior at all costs and another stupid White will repeat this cycle over again.


A foreign nun, caring for Aids orphans in rural northern KwaZulu-Natal, was bashed to death with a four-pound (1,8kg) hammer and her body thrown over a cliff, allegedly by three men she regularly fed and cared for.

Three suspects, aged 45, 23 and 30, were expected to appear in the Obonjeni Magistrate’s Court on Monday on charges of robbery, kidnapping and murder.
On Friday, almost a week after Reita van Vuljk, 66, had been reported missing, her body was recovered by the Empangeni Search and Rescue Unit and Empangeni K9 Unit. Her body had been thrown 100m down a steep cliff.
Van Vuljk arrived in South Africa from the Netherlands around 2004, with a vision to help children and youth in need.
In 2005, she set up a home and a care centre in Obonjeni, in Jozini, providing nourishing meals and education, mainly to Aids orphans.
According to police, Van Vuljk went missing on Saturday, March 3. Three men allegedly forced their way into her house and demanded cash, which Van Vuljk did not have.
They allegedly ransacked the house and stole a lawnmower, angle grinder and some household items.
The suspects allegedly attempted to suffocate her. They then placed the unconscious woman in her white Toyota Hilux bakkie and drove off.
Less than 10km from her house, the suspects allegedly struck Van Vuljk’s head with a hammer and threw her body over the cliff.
Last Monday, concerned members of the community reported Van Vuljk missing.
Members of the Richards Bay Organised Crime Unit followed several leads and Van Vuljk’s bakkie was found overturned on a gravel road near Hluhluwe, police spokesman, Colonel Jay Naicker, said.
It has been alleged the suspects attempted to sell the bakkie in Matubatuba, the same day Van Vuljk was killed, but the deal turned sour.
On Wednesday, a witness managed to identify the suspect who was driving the bakkie when it overturned.
A 23-year-old man was arrested and after a day in custody, provided police with information that led to the recovery of Van Vuljk’s body.
On Friday afternoon, police arrested two more suspects who were found hiding at a traditional healer’s house at Candover, in Mkuze.
They also recovered the hammer.
According to some very emotional community members, who did not want to be named, the suspects were known to Van Vuljk.
They said she gave the suspects odd jobs around her house, taught them to drive and got them to assist in caring for the Aids orphans.
“She loved everyone. She used to feed and care for these men. No one expected them to kill her in such a brutal way. The biggest loss is to the children.
“The mother who loved them, fed them and encouraged them to go to school is no more…”
Department of Social Welfare spokeswoman, Ncumisa Fandesi, said they first came into contact with Van Vuljk in 2005 when she tried to set up a children’s home in northern KwaZulu-Natal.
“She was not a social worker, but a private individual who was interested in helping children in need.
“She did not know the requirements of setting up such a facility and the department intervened and tried to assist her.
“She set up a committee and they were working towards trying to formalise their goal of establishing a childcare and youth development facility.
“It is really sad that she had to die such a terrible death before her dream was achieved.” – Daily News

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Canada: Recent immigrants a ‘huge burden’ on taxpayers

A new report shows that immigrants to Canada from 1987-2004 received about $6 000 more in government services per person annually than they paid in taxes, costing taxpayers between $16 – $23 billion a year. The report highlights that low-skilled immigrants are just not pulling their tax weight and are not finding employment easily (aka – welfare recipients). The report suggests that immigration should be scaled down from the current 250 000 per year to market demands. What’s the government response? They want to change policies to make it easier for immigrants to find work! Talk about sticking your head in the sand. Instead of attracting high-skilled employable immigrants, it seems Canada is taking in anybody who can afford the visa. In the end the country will be a watered down multicultural hell hole where no skilled person wants to live. See, if I was in government, I would restrict who is coming into the country and taking those people with the skill set that the country needs only. That way you ensure you’re getting top quality people. Instead, Western countries are more than happy to take all the riff-raff – especially the ME  Muslim and Asian people in. Soon no one will be able to tell the culture or heritage of Canada and it’ll look like just another multi-racial mess. Look at Japan, India, China etc. you know in which country you are when you’re there. Western countries? If you closed you eyes and looked again you wouldn’t know which country you were visiting. And so all our Western countries are losing what makes them unique – all so that governments can keep the purse ticking over and the liberals can worship at the multi-cultural we-are-one altar. Problem is that this unchecked intake of immigrants costs the country eventually – financially, socially, culturally and morally.


A researcher for a conservative think-tank says recent immigrants to Canada are a drain on the country’s economy – and stand in the way of a robot revolution.

A new report from the Fraser Institute suggests immigrants who arrived in Canada between 1987 and 2004 received about $6,000 more in government services per person annually than they paid in taxes – costing taxpayers between $16 and $23 billion a year.
For a host of reasons, immigrants “are not doing as well economically” now as earlier waves of newcomers and often struggle to find high paying jobs.
“We’re not against some immigration,” said Herbert Grubel, who co-authored the report with Patrick Grady.
But he said the “mass immigration” system that sees Canada accept some 250,000 newcomers annually is stifling innovation.
Grubel pointed to Japan, a country with aging citizens where less than 2% of the population is foreign-born – the lowest percentage among developed nations.
Faced with an elderly population in need of care and a shortage of medical staff, Japanese inventors have created robots that dispense pills and help feed and bathe seniors in hospitals.
“This increases productivity of people who design robots and run robots,” he said. “We’re preventing all of that from taking place.”
The researchers also reject the notion immigrants are needed to fill gaps in the workforce, and argue the market should set immigration levels.
A spokeswoman for Immigration Minister Jason Kenney said the department has noticed the economic trends highlighted in the report.
She also noted Kenney was moving ahead with a series of policy changes that aim to make it easier for immigrants to find work – changes supported in part by the Fraser report.
Researchers studying Canada’s immigration system frequently point out the problem of matching skilled immigrants to jobs has been a long-standing one – but disagree on the remedies.
Research by the Conference Board of Canada – an economic think-tank – links immigration to higher foreign direct investment and innovation.
The Conference Board argues businesses are failing to take advantage of those skills by not hiring immigrants and not managing talent.
It wants Canada to boost annual immigration to 375,000 to maintain the workforce and economic growth.


Do you think recent immigrants to Canada are a drain on the economy?

  • 88%
  • Yes
  • 4687 votes

  • 12%
  • No
  • 636 votes

South Africa: President sings Shoot the Boer – Jan 2012

Here is another example of how Black Africans act. The PRESIDENT of South Africa is caught on tape singing about shooting and hitting the Boers (Farmers/Afrikaners). When you watch the clip keep repeating to yourself that this is a president of a country singing about committing violent acts against innocent citizens of his country. Whilst he sings to his fellow IQ67 South African Blacks, his ‘cadres’ dance like monkeys for him. And these people are in charge of running a country. Never, ever wonder again why Black Africa is backward and stunted. How do you expect civilised people to live with savages like this? It’s the 21st century and they still act like they’re living in the dark ages – just like they did before White people arrived in the Cape. There really is no hope and if anyone thinks there is then they’re fooling themselves. Keep them dumb and believing in the spirits and they will be eternal ANC voters, and that’s exactly what Zuma and his ANC buddies are all about. You can put a pig in a suit, but it’s still a pig.

Charlize Theron Adopts Black Baby Boy

Is there something wrong with White babies? Every time a liberal Hollywood star adopts, they adopt a non-White baby. Ex-South African Charlize Theron – she with the fake American accent – has decided to add to the perception that White babies are rubbish; Black and Asian babies are good – mentality that already exists in Hollywood. These women are too good to be pregnant – they have to look after their bodies after all and make normal women feel inadequate – and then to top it off they adopt outside their own race. Blacks don’t even want to adopt their own – that’s why there’s so many of them to adopt. Well, good luck to her and her little bundle of joy. Another one to add to my ‘never watch again’ list. 

Charlize Theron Adopts Baby Boy Jackson! 

A rep for the Oscar-winning actress, 36, tells Us Weekly in a Wednesday statement:

“Charlize Theron has adopted a child.  She is the proud mom of a healthy baby boy named Jackson.”
According to a source close to the single Young Adult star, little Jackson was born in the United States, and is African-American. Jackson is the first child for Theron.