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Non-white immigrants continue to commit 100% of violent rapes in Oslo

For the fifth year in a row, 100% of all violent rapes committed in Oslo were committed by non-white immigrants. Among ethnic Scandinavians, rape is extremely rare. However, it is common among immigrant populations.



The changing face of America: Time-lapse map reveals how non-whites will become the majority in U.S. within 30 years

Minority groups were behind an unprecedented 90 per cent of total U.S. population growth since 2000, due to immigration and higher Latino birth rates. Says it all really. Below is a time-lapse map – from 1990 until 2040  (predicted 2020-2040) which shows the ‘browning’ of America. By the year 2040, the majority of Americans will be people of colour – the minorities will have become the majority and still the USA is in denial about their imminent race problem. From 90% White to being a minority…democracy gone wrong? You can only wonder what the Founding Fathers think of what liberals have done to the country.

How it was: In 1990 the vast majority of counties were 'less than 40 per cent people of colour'
Growth in the West: The change is noticeable in the western states as more communities have greater than 50 per cent 'people of colour'
Where we are: An African-American drift away from the Mid-West has coincided with a huge growth of Hispanics in the South-West
Looking to the future: In the next ten years the trends will continue, with more non-white people domination populations of U.S. counties
Twenty years on: 'People of colour' is an all-inclusive term to describe people who hail from black, Hispanic/Latino and Asian ethnic backgrounds
National majority: By 2042, the U.S. will be a majority of people of colour. This changing map was produced by PolicyLink, a national research agency

By the year 2040, the majority of Americans will be people of colour – the minorities will have become the majority.

A fascinating new time-lapse map shows the increase in the non-white population across the decades.

It starts with 1990 and then predicts up to 2020, 2030 and 2040.

The map, titled the Map of America’s Tomorrow, was produced by PolicyLink, a national research agency dedicated to social equity.

It illustrates what calls the decade-by-decade ‘browning’ of America.

It is said to be the first visual representation of its kind of the country’s racial future.

The all-inclusive term is used to describe ther growth of the populations of blacks, Hispanics/Latinos and Asians.

Angela Glover Blackwell, the Founder & CEO of PolicyLink, said: ‘This map makes crystal clear just how dramatically the face of America is changing – and how quickly.’

‘Already, nearly half of all young people are of color, and by 2040, people of color will become our nation’s majority.

‘Clearly, this snapshot of our future has struck a chord, leaving no doubt that we must invest in and start building the foundation of tomorrow’s America today. Let’s start now.’

The map, however, is causing some controversy.

One commenter said: ‘What a joke! This does not compare population density. This does not differentiate between Native Indians, Blacks, Mexican’s, Chinese etc… etc… This is just some few people’s wild guess put out for what reason!

‘This map appears to me to be a hate stimulator. Nothing more.’

Another commentator added: ‘I am Chinese American and I objected to the grouping under Asian as coloured … Chinese, Japanese and Koreans are not coloured. Our complexion is white if not whiter than caucasians.’

Miss Blackwell said: ‘Today, nearly half of all children are kids of color.

‘By definition, if they don’t succeed, the nation won’t succeed.

‘Many in the still-majority white population and political establishment don’t see themselves reflected in the faces of America’s children.

‘They are talking far more about slashing Medicaid and education funding than investing in the dreams and needs of our children.

‘Too many who have achieved success for themselves now want to pull up the ladder behind them.

‘The results are obvious – people of colour are disproportionately saddled with high poverty rates, failing schools, poor health, and under-invested communities.

‘But these challenges don’t only affect communities of colour.

‘White families that rely on the public education system struggle with these nationwide school budget squeezes. White college students are graduating with six-figure debt. ‘That’s no way to run a country.’

Two months ago new census maps and data was released showing the stark geographical divide between America’s black and Hispanic populations as they become increasingly concentrated on opposite ends of the country.

The U.S. black and Hispanic populations are mostly concentrated in the South – but whereas the black population is centred in the Southeast, Hispanics are mostly in the Southwest.

The biggest general population rises were in the Southwest and Southeast, but the largest falls came in the Midwest, according to 2010 Census Bureau data.

Although Hispanics are concentrated in the Southwest, other areas of the South such as Alabama have posted significant gains in Hispanic population share.

In many South states, the Hispanic population has doubled on ten years ago, with Hispanics outstripping whites for the first time in New Mexico – 46 to 40 per cent.

The Census 2010 statistics showed the number of Hispanics in the U.S. reached 50million in 2010, with one in every six Americans now a Latino.

They now represent 16 per cent of the U.S. population of 309million.

Minority groups were behind an unprecedented 90 per cent of total U.S. population growth since 2000, due to immigration and higher Latino birth rates.


In jail: Zimbabwe police sergeant who dared to use Robert Mugabe’s loo

Whatever you do, don’t use a toilet reserved for Mugabe. A Zimbabwean police sergeant found this out the hard way and will soon be facing court on suspicion of invading the presidential privy. This from Mugabe who many Africans saw as the champion of the underdog and African hero. The only problem is that once Mugabe got into power – and as many ‘liberation’ fighters do – he forgot who put him in office and is clinging to power at all costs. If that means killing thousands of rival tribesmen then so be it. If it means impoverishing and starving his people then so be it. If it means imprisoning a police officer for using the wrong toilet then so be it. Mugabe is a bully-boy thug, who uses his own army and police force to do his dirty work – all so that he can live the life of the African king he thinks he is. The only way for his tyranny to end is for the Zimbabwean people to change the status quo and until they do many more people will be arrested and imprisoned for these very serious crimes they’re committing – like using the wrong toilet or perhaps owning a successful farm. Welcome to Mugabe’s Africa – I hope all those westerners who backed Mugabe in the 1980s are enjoying the fruits of their labour. Mugabe has spat in your liberal faces and now the beast is out of control. But hey liberals, you can now turn your attention to your next little liberal flavor of the month project – the Arab Spring!

Hat tip: Julian B

When the call of nature comes, it cannot always be denied. Few have answered it in such anunfortunate fashion as Alois Mabhunu.

While on duty at a trade fair, the Zimbabwean police sergeant could not hold on and allegedly dashed to the nearest toilet – disastrously, it transpired, as it was reserved for President Robert Mugabe.

He was arrested and imprisoned on suspicion of invading the presidential privy.

The incident happened at the annual Zimbabwe International Trade Fair (ZITF) in the western city of Bulawayo, according to local radio station VOP.

Under the headline “Never Use Toilet Reserved For President!” VOP’s website reported that Mabhunu was on duty during the fair’s official opening by Mugabe and Jean-Louis Ekra, the president of Afreximbank.

“Mabhunu, due to the call of nature, rushed to the toilets reserved for Mugabe and his guest Ekra, but was stopped by other officers guarding the toilets,” VOP said.

“Under intense pressure from the call of nature, the officer forced his way in and managed to relieve himself. He was arrested on 7 May after a report was made to Mugabe’s security men and to senior police officers in the city.”

Mabhunu, a murder detective, is in police detention at barracks on the outskirts of Bulawayo. The legality of the case against him was challenged by Beatrice Mtetwa, a leading Zimbabwean human rights lawyer.

“There has to be a law saying the toilet is the president’s, but this was a public one,” she said. “They will have had to issue a proclamation in the government gazette specifying it. I bet they didn’t do that.”

Mugabe’s personal space – and reputation as father of the independent nation – are fiercely protected. Several motorists are said to have been assaulted by his security personnel for not giving way to the presidential motorcade.

In March, Douglas Mwonzora, a leading member of the Movement for Democratic Change, was waiting for a court session to start when he looked at a portrait of Mugabe and said: “How are you, father? How is your health?”

This was greeted with mirth in the courtroom but he was charged with insulting the president, an offence punishable by up to a year in prison.

Another man will go on trial next month charged with posting an offensive message on Facebook.

Vikas Mavhudzi allegedly wrote on prime minister Morgan Tsvangirai’s ‘wall’: “What happened in Egypt is sending shockwaves to all dictators around the world. No weapon but unity of purpose. Worth emulating, hey.”


Live aid and a PM who sounds like a callow teenager in an Oxfam kaftan

A really worthwhile article by Melanie Phillips. Ms Phillips doesn’t pull any punches and is brimming over with common sense – which many western governments seem to lose the minute they get into office. In this piece she tackles Mr Spineless Cameron – Prime Minister of England and also the fairy godmother of third-world foreign aid. Mr Cameron appears to be a liberal wolf in conservative sheep’s clothing. Time will show him up for the socialist and redistributor of wealth that he is. Cameron believes that in order to put the wrongs to right in the world, you need to pay for it with 30 pieces of silver – code for shafting the UK tax payer. Ms Phillips has a wonderful knack of hitting the nail on the head – just a pity it isn’t Mr Cameron’s head.

Hat tip: Mark and H

Passionate pledge: But David Cameron has discovered that there is a body of opinion against his aid plans

David Cameron is clearly experiencing an unwelcome initiation into what might be dubbed the iceberg school of politics.

You’re steaming confidently along at the bridge of the good ship HMS Government when all of a sudden — wallop!

You’ve hit an iceberg which threatens to sink the ship — and because it was below the waves and your navigational instruments were a bit wonky, you had no idea it was there.

To Mr Cameron’s obvious surprise and irritation, just such an issue has suddenly reared up in the shape of overseas aid.

This was surely just about the last issue on the Prime Ministerial horizon. NHS reform, tuition fees, how to prop up Nick Clegg as the Tories’ human shield — these are creating the obvious turbulence through which the Prime Minister is having to steer.

But who would have thought overseas aid would turn into such a hazard?

After all, so confident was Mr Cameron that the aid programme would demonstrate the bleeding heart of the Tory Party that he ring-fenced a planned increase in such aid to 0.7 per cent of national output, or some £4 billion extra per year.

Yet now, he has discovered that there is an enormous block of public opinion passionately against it. And he appeared not to know it was there until this newspaper — and, ahem, this columnist — caused it to rise above the surface.

As I observed last week, the issue suddenly burst into public view on BBC TV’s Question Time, when I remarked that, at a time of cuts in public services, the money earmarked for overseas aid would be better spent at home.

I added that, far from alleviating global poverty, such aid actually made things worse, since it was so often used by tyrannical regimes to keep people in destitution and oppression.

Surprise, surprise, my observations were booed by the Question Time audience. But as I revealed last week, after that show I was swamped by messages — the vast majority in support of what I had said.

Well, if I had received a huge response after Question Time, I was all but submerged after writing last week’s column. Message after message said the same thing: ‘ . . . can’t understand how the Government can do this . . . Britain is broke and charity begins at home . . . money not helping the needy but propping up corrupt governments . . . most of us think like this . . . how can they be so out of touch . . . please carry on saying it like it is.’

Some of this reaction now appears finally to have got the attention of the Government’s advisers. For Mr Cameron chose the G8 summit to launch an equally passionate defence of his overseas aid programme.

But dear oh dear. He came across with all the maturity and wisdom of a callow teenager in an Oxfam-shop kaftan, singing along with Bob Geldof’s Feed The World in the belief that Live Aid would make poverty history, as the saying goes.

Indeed, the Prime Minister actually referred to his young self watching the Live Aid concert in 1985, and reiterated that he would not renege on aid promises made by world leaders at the Gleneagles summit six years ago.

Yet just weeks ahead of that 2005 conference, where Africa topped the agenda, the International Monetary Fund had published a report entitled ‘Aid Will Not Lift Growth in Africa’.

It would be comforting to discover that the Prime Minister’s views had matured somewhat from his earlier naivety. Alas, apparently not. For he proceeded to trot out the vacuous (and unpleasantly intimidating) cliché that this aid was all about ‘saving lives’ by vaccinating children against diarrhoea, stopping preventable diseases and saving mothers’ lives in childbirth.

For heaven’s sake, does he take us all for abject idiots? We know that the principal destination for UK taxpayers’ aid money is India, which has its own space programme, its own nuclear programme — and even its own foreign aid programme.

As for Africa, whose problems are indeed legion, many experts attest to the fact that aid programmes have made those difficulties far worse.

According to Dambisa Moyo, a former Goldman Sachs economist, aid programmes have left African countries more debt-laden, more inflation-prone, more vulnerable to the vagaries of the currency markets and more likely to experience conflict and unrest. ‘Aid’, she declared, ‘is an unmitigated political, economic and humanitarian disaster.’

Far from saving lives, aid is too often used to end many lives, with warlords stealing it to enable them to slaughter more people.

In her devastating book War Games, which details the regular abuse of international aid programmes, journalist Linda Polman reported that the £90 million raised by the 1985 Live Aid concerts was used by the Ethiopian regime to lure starving villagers into camps — from where around 600,000 were deported and 100,000 subsequently perished along the way.

Despite such a welter of disturbing evidence, Mr Cameron claimed that if we didn’t send aid to countries such as Somalia or Afghanistan, we would end up paying the price of terrorism, crime and mass migration from such countries.

Yet his own Department for International Development was forced to block further British aid to Afghanistan after a secret U.S. government report revealed that nearly £1 billion of international aid had gone missing through institutionalised corruption.

Now, the Prime Minister has further announced plans to funnel £110 million of taxpayers’ cash to Egypt, Tunisia and Middle Eastern countries over the next four years to develop democracy after the so-called ‘Arab Spring’.

But this ‘Spring’ could well turn into a very bleak ‘Winter’. The belief that because such people are demonstrating against tyranny the outcome will be democratic and free societies is naive to the point of imbecility.

The fact is that no one knows just who will emerge on top from such convulsions in the Arab world. Mr Cameron could well end up using British taxpayers’ money to fund the emergence of yet more Islamist regimes deeply hostile to the West.

And all this when, despite the fact that British forces are currently fighting and dying to protect the West against such aggression, the defence budget is actually being cut.
To put the tin lid on it, the big-hearted British people already give more to overseas charities than any people in the world apart from the Americans. The UK is spending twice as much on foreign aid as a share of national wealth as the average spent by the world’s leading economies.

The British donate more to humanitarian causes than anyone else in Europe. On average, they give twice as much as the Norwegians, three times more than the Belgians, six times more than the Germans and seven times more than the French.

Indeed, when personal contributions are added to state donations, Britain gives 0.8 per cent of total output to charitable causes — an even larger total, in other words, than the Government’s professed aim.

So why isn’t this magnificent effort of donations from the public factored into Mr Cameron’s thinking? Why does he imply that the British conscience can only be exercised through government spending — entitling him to fleece the public of yet another £4 billion of their money?

The answer, of course, is that this has precious little to do with relieving need among the wretched of the earth — and everything to do instead with the most cynical kind of political posturing.

But as with other semi-submerged ‘iceberg’ issues — such as immigration, the EU or human rights — overseas aid is where the political elite either ignores or sneers at the common sense in which public opinion is rooted.

The anger that has now surfaced over international aid is the anger of a public which finds itself disenfranchised by the contempt and absence of humility of the political class — of which, alas, the Prime Minister’s recent outburst but the latest example.


‘Is it ‘cos I’m black?’

Formula One driver, Lewis Hamilton, has lowered himself to using the race card as cover for his poor driving performances of late. As per usual, any time a Black sportsman is in strife, his first reach is the race one – because, you know, the ENTIRE White world is against them. Thankfully, Whites appear to be getting slightly tired of the oft-repeated ‘it’s because I’m Black?’ mantra. So, what’s the correct way of dealing with this form of bullying? Well, the way the F1 governing body did. They matched his accusation with the threat of charging him with bringing the sport into disrepute. Amazingly Mr Hamilton back-tracked and said he was only joking. The race wheel is turning, but it doesn’t mean they won’t keep trying – after all, there’s always a new batch of young, fresh minds to indoctrinate in the on-going game of race-card accusations…

Lewis Hamilton appeared to accuse Monaco Grand Prix officials of racism in a furious tirade yesterday after he was given penalties over two incidents.

After being called to see the stewards regarding the second penalty, the Formula One star said: ‘It’s an absolute fricking joke. I’ve been to see the stewards five times out of six this season.

‘Maybe it’s because I’m black. That’s what Ali G says. I don’t know,’ he added.

However, it wasn’t long before Hamilton was forced into a humiliating retraction and apology after F1’s governing body, the FIA, suggested he could be charged with bringing the sport into disrepute.

It led to a further meeting with race stewards where the 26-year-old tried to repair the damage.
He added afterwards: ‘What I said was a bit of a joke, which wasn’t funny at the time.

‘I made them [the stewards] aware that when emotions are high, and it’s very intense at the end of those kind of races, you don’t always say the right thing, and the joke didn’t come at the most appropriate time.’
‘So I went there, made that clear to them – we’ve made our peace.’

Ali G, the comic creation of Sacha Baron Cohen, was famous for using the catchphrase ‘Is it ’cos I is black’ when criticised or censured.

During the race Hamilton was given a penalty for a brush with Felipe Massa, which led to the Brazilian crashing out, and a further 20-second penalty when he clashed with Pastor Maldonado.

Afterwards, Hamilton added: ‘These drivers are absolutely fricking ridiculous. It’s stupid.’

Dejected: Lewis Hamilton asked 'is it 'cos I'm black?' after he was hit with penalty points in the Monaco GP yesterday
Mr Race-Sensitive, Lewis Hamilton

Hay Festival 2011: Henning Mankell blames Zimbabwe’s white farmers

Here’s an inventive way to raise awareness for books you’ve authored – just grab onto a controversial subject of the day and spew forth – whether it’s true or not. Some Swedish author, who I’ve thankfully never heard of, has decided that the White farmers of Zimbabwe are to blame for the plight of the country today. And here we were under the impression that Mugabe and his failed policies were to blame but luckily Mr Liberal Tosser has come to the rescue and blamed Whitey again. Henning Mankell, who has lived in Africa for 25 years – apparently with his eyes closed the entire time – says that if only the farmers hadn’t been arrogant and negotiated with Mugabe in the early 1980s then none of the subsequent events would have happened – events which have ruined the country (I somehow don’t think Mr Mankell’s lift goes to the top floor and he may be one short of a six pack). Mr Mankell should rather stick to writing fiction and leave history to the big people before he hurts himself. In any case, I suppose I should point out a few things to Mr Mankell that he’s missed whilst living in his African bubble. Firstly, what exactly should the farmers have done back in the 1980s? The farmers had invested in their property, grown profitable crops, created jobs and provided taxation revenue for the country. In essence, they were the backbone of the economy and country. In comparison, Black subsistence farmers only grow for the next month’s crop, invest nothing, and earn nothing. Just barely survive. Do you honestly think that the farmers should have just handed over their hard work to some savage war veterans, fresh out of the bush? Here’s a scenario for you in lay terms (hopefully you can understand this, so read it slowly): You write a book that takes 5 years hard work and research to complete. Along comes a bully and tells you that the book is now his to do with as he pleases. According to you, you’d sit back and accept it without a fight because you’re that type of guy? Secondly, Zimbabwe is a huge country. If Mugabe wanted to appease his ‘war’ veterans, then he could have given them thousands of hectares of unused land for their farms. Why didn’t he? Why target established, successful farms, belonging to White farmers? Thirdly, why is Zimbabwe the hell-hole it is today if the majority of the successful farms have been in the war veteran’s hands for over a decade? These weren’t virgin farms, but huge, successful enterprises already trading with the rest of the world. You see Mr Mankell – Mugabe is actually doing fine. He has achieved his goal. He has an impoverished, desperate, starving nation who are only too grateful for any handouts they receive from him; and in thanks, they will do anything he wants of them so that they and their children don’t starve. If you’re still unsure of why Zimbabwe happened then wonder no more – Zimbabwe is the end result of Marxism. So, Mr Mankell, if it makes you sell a few more books to your fellow-liberal plonkers, then you go right ahead and keep repeating your lies. Me? I’ll just keep fighting the good fight by exposing your type as the hypocrites you are. Oh, and Mr Mankell – I hope nothing happens to the next ‘Gaza Flotilla’ you board. We would surely miss your witty, stimulating intellect.

Hat tip: Julian B

Henning Mankell
The delusional, Henning Mankell
White farmers in Zimbabwe must shoulder the blame for the plight of Zimbabwe, according to one of the world’s best-selling authors.

Henning Mankell, creator of the Wallander detective series, has lived in Africa for the past 25 years. The Swedish writer is known for his strident political views and told an audience at Hay that Robert Mugabe should not be painted as the sole villain of the piece.
Since 2000, Mugabe has systematically seized land from the country’s white farmers, precipitating the country’s economic collapse.
In a provocative talk, Mankell said: “In the early 1980s, every year Mugabe went and talked to white farmers and said, ‘It’s necessary for us to sit down and talk about the farms here’. And the reaction he got from white farmers was absolutely none. He tried year after year after year, and the only thing he was met by was arrogance. In the end, it became a very bad situation.
“I think when history is written, the white farmers at the beginning of the 1980s also have to take responsibility and blame for what really happened. Otherwise, when history is written people will believe that Mugabe was always crazy. He was not.

“Of course, today I hope that someone takes him out of the position he’s in because he is destroying the country. But if white farmers had listened to him at the start of the 1980s, I think the situation for Zimbabwe would have been much better.”

Mankell is also a noted pro-Palestinian activist and was on the Gaza flotilla that was attacked by Israeli forces in May last year, leaving nine activists dead.

Despite the risks, he plans to join another flotilla this year. “I can tell you there will be another flotilla and I will go with it again because the Palestinians need all the support we can give them,” he said.

“There will be some politicians on board. There are no politicians from Britain yet but I can assure you we could find space for them.”

Mankell’s fictional detective was brought to life by the BBC in a series starring Kenneth Branagh. The 63-year-old author said he was exasperated by literary critics who dismissed crime writing as a lesser form of writing.

He said: “It’s a bit embarrassing that I have to explain to these guys that crime fiction is one of the oldest literary genres that exists. Go back 2,000 years to Greece and a story called Medea – a woman who murders her two children out of jealousy for her husband. If that’s not a crime story, I don’t know what is.”


UK Protests South African Crime

This protest took place back on 14 May in London, but it’s heartening to see that there are some ex-South Africans, living in the UK, who still care about the people living in South Africa – especially the farmers. Which other country has lost over 3000 farmers since 1994 and has not has a peep of coverage from the international media? For any other country, having over 3000 farmers murdered – most tortured to death – this would be a national crisis and possible genocide, but for the ANC government this is all part of their bigger plan to target and hound the White population out of existence. The ANC mentality at the best of times isn’t exactly  one of intelligence, so they don’t see the danger of having no one able to grow food for their ever-expanding, low-skilled population. One day the masses may finally wake up and admit that the White man wasn’t the enemy, because, let’s face it, the Blacks are suffering even worse under the ANC. As I see it, there are 3 options for White South Africans: 1. Emigrate; 2. Accept what’s happening and live with it; 3. Push for their own homeland in the Cape, where no Blacks lived historically. Option 3 will probably never happen because: 1. The ANC will never allow it under their government; 2. The majority of Whites are still in a ‘rainbow’ nation daze – as long as they have their braai (BBQ) and rugby on TV, then life is good.

Hat tip: Mark &H

More than 400 protesters marched in downtown London Saturday afternoon to bring attention to the out-of-control crime situation in South Africa.

The march started in Piccadilly Circus in downtown London. Protesters, mostly South African ex-pats and Brits, wore red t-shirts to symbolize the blood split in the thousands of violent crimes that have taken place since the ANC took over the country in 1994.

The color red took on a second meaning, according to rally coordinator Ivan Cornelius. “The color in itself also means STOP, as in ‘stop the crime’,” he said.

While the theme of the rally was to raise international awareness of all crime in South Africa and not only against one section of the population, some protesters did carry posters highlighting the fact that more than 3,400 White farmers have been killed in the country. Cornelius himself created a large white cross with the words, “Stop Farm Murders: 3400″ written on it.

The hour-long static march ended in front of the South African embassy, where placards and white crosses representing crime victims were placed on its doorstep.

South African news outlet SABC, which is run by the ANC-run government, briefly reported on the rally, incorrectly putting the number of protesters at 250.

Saturday’s march marks the second protest against South African crime this month, the first being a silent rally against Boer Genocide which was held last weekend.

Because that rally focused specifically on Boer Genocide, the flags of the old Boer Republics, the Transvaal and Orange Free State, were flown. Saturday’s rally was about all crime in South Africa and only the flag of the “new” South Africa was allowed to be flown.

Both rallies were peaceful events, with a small police showing at Saturday’s event and no law enforcement present at the one held last weekend.


New Zealand: Research debunks Maori abuse

How do you let the Maori’s feel good about the way they abuse their kids? Well, ‘researchers’ have come up with a novel way – just blame the European settlers. Apparently, prior to the evil Europeans arriving and civilising the country, the Maori’s considered their children as gifts from god and the whanau – or extended family – shunned child abuse; therefore making them model parents compared to the abuse happening today and for which the Europeans are ultimately to blame 200 years later. It’s worked for the Australian Aborigines so why not the Maori’s? The only problem is that history doesn’t quite back up this fantasy of child-loving Maori parents as female infanticide was widely practised in those days. Now, I’m not sure about you, but killing your child because it’s the wrong sex doesn’t exactly make me think of model parents. The researchers also relied on oral histories and lullabies to support their research – which somehow doesn’t exactly fill me with much hope as to the accuracy. What else can Europeans be blamed for? Let me count the ways…..But, hey, as long as Maori’s now have SOMEONE to blame other than themselves, then all is right in the world. Gone are the days when you took personal responsibility for your actions – isn’t it just wonderful to be able to blame someone else, especially in the liberal lala land that we’re forced to live in? How long before Maori’s use this ‘research’ to defend their criminal actions in court? It’s only a matter of time and who can blame them? After all, it’s not their fault…..

Hat tip: Andrew

A new parenting programme targeted at Maori tells them they are inherently loving and nurturing caregivers and family violence has arisen only because of European missionaries.

The Office of the Children’s Commissioner is releasing its “Maori Parenting” report on Thursday in a bid to curb violence.

Prior to Europeans arriving, the report says children were considered gifts from the gods and whanau shunned child abuse.

The researchers suggested abuse arose only after Maori were introduced to corporal punishment in missionary-run classrooms.

Te Kahui Mana Ririki, the child advocacy group which commissioned the research, has reported a reduction in child abuse after running workshops based on its findings.

Chair Dr Hone Kaa said Maori parents were able to see themselves in a much more positive light. “It will serve to demonstrate to Maori they don’t have to believe they’re inherently violent,” he said.

Maori children were taught by Europeans that bad behaviour should be punished by physical violence, he said. This steered away from the traditional idea children were tapu and discipline should be avoided because it tamed the child’s spirit.

Te Kahui Mana Ririki director Anton Blank said Maori should be taught to revert back to these traditional child-rearing practices. He said this model moves away from Pakeha-determined programmes for Maori families. “Maori people want to see their own culture reflected in programmes. This is uniquely Maori and is based on our history and legends. It gives us a whole lot of values that possibly many of us didn’t realise we had.”

Plans are under way for Plunket to pilot the programme in Hamilton. The report researched the treatment of children using oral histories, poems, and European observations.

It traced Maori history from the separation of Ranginui the Sky Father and Papatuanuku the Earth Mother through to early Europeans’ reports of children’s relationships with whanau.

Researchers found children were treated with loving care and indulged. “The father was devotedly fond of his children and they were his pride and delight,” the report found. “Children would entwine themselves around their father’s neck for an entire day, asleep or awake, as a constant companion.” This instilled love, security, and confidence into Maori children.

Lead researcher Margaret Mountain Harte hoped the findings could be introduced in school curriculums to educate Maori teens. “It’s empowering for me. The whole warrior culture was balanced by the nurturing one,” she said.

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However, the report has been criticised for painting too rosy a picture of pre-European times. Maori history professor Paul Moon, of Auckland University of Technology, dismissed the idea abuse began after the Europeans came. “The proposition that missionaries introduced violence, it’s one of those allegations that entered the historical bloodstream and once it’s in that bloodstream, it’s hard to get out. I would want to see evidence.”

He cited the fact Maori girls were sometimes killed because they were considered less useful than males. “If children were treated as sacred items, how do you explain female infanticide?” Moon said the report’s reliance on oral histories and lullabies also raised doubts over its reliability.


Lite moments…

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UK: Four Muslims who battered man for teaching RE to girls jailed for being ‘a danger due to their extreme religious beliefs’

What do you do when you don’t like what a teacher is teaching? Well, if you happen to be Muslim, then you try to bash and stab them to death. This is the progressive society the west lives in today, held to hostage by a group of backward, radical wannabee invaders, who take exception at the drop of a hat. Seems that they have nothing better to do than to plot to kill anyone who they perceive as a threat to their wonderful religion of hate peace. It seems the more we go forward as a civilisation, the more backward certain sectors remain. Geneticists are correct and first cousins really should not procreate. This is the result.

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Fundamentalist mob: The gang smashed Gary Smith over the head with a concrete block and iron rod

He was an ‘able, enthusiastic and popular’ religious education teacher who loved his job at an inner-city girls’ school.

But when a gang of Islamic extremists decided his lessons for Muslim girls were ‘mocking Islam’, they unleashed a sickening attack on Gary Smith, slashing his face and battering him with such force that his own mother didn’t even recognise him.

Akmol Hussain, 26, Sheikh Rashid, 27, Azad Hussein, 26, and Simon Alam, 19, ambushed the 38-year-old as he walked to work because they did not approve of a non-Muslim teacher giving lessons on religion to Hussain’s niece.

In a ten-minute attack, the fundamentalist mob smashed him over the head with a concrete block and iron rod and slashed his face from the corner of his mouth to his right ear with a Stanley knife. They punched and kicked him in the stomach, head and face, before driving away ‘praising Allah’ as they left their victim covered in blood and unconscious with a fractured skull and shattered jaw.

The Jihadi fanatics thought they had got away with it. But, following suspicions of a terrorist plot, the security services had planted a bug in their car that recorded them snarling: ‘This is the dog we want to hit, to strike, to kill.’

Despite the ferocity of the attack, Mr Smith was back in the classroom yesterday as his attackers were given an indeterminate sentence for public protection.

Sentencing the gang at Snaresbrook Crown Court to at least 19 years behind bars for grievous bodily harm with intent, Judge John Hand QC told them: ‘If you think that people around you in society present an insult or threat to God then you will not hesitate in attacking again.’

MI5 considered the gang such a threat to national security that they asked the Home Secretary for permission to plant a covert recording device in Hussain’s car. But it wasn’t until detectives listened to the tapes after the assault in July last year that they were arrested.

Popular teacher: Gary Smith, 38, has been left traumatised after he was attacked by four men in East London
Gary Smith

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