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12-Year-Old Child Prodigy With Autism Could be the Future Einstein

IQ of 170…..just a bit lower than mine!


Green as a Thistle, Nutty as a Fruitcake

I thought this was a joke but then I clicked on the link to the list and there it was. So, I naively thought that people would be laughing their heads off so I read the comments. Oh boy – there are some really scary people out there! I felt so disturbed after reading all the greeny comments that I just had to go and open a bottle of wine (made from those naughty fermented grapes that release carbon dioxide -eeek)! Then I had to take a long bath (I know, wasting water, but what can I do?) to further calm me down. By that time I’d run out of wine so I jumped into the car (yes, fuel guzzling car), roared to the Supermarket (had their lights on!), and got me some more wine. Then I felt hungry so I stopped off for pizza (the pizza place used an actual electric oven!) and came home, switched on the TV (electricity and lights!) and watched me some sport (full stadium with evil people and all stadium lights blazing). Great night all round – thanks eco-loonys!!! BTW Vanessa, everything on your list was freely available during the stone age – get moving!

Vanessa, saviour of polar bears

If only the religion known as ecomoonbattery had a heaven, the impressively devout Vanessa of Green as a Thistle would qualify for entry if she really lives up to even half of her list of 366 green changes. Among her most preposterous techniques for saving the planet:

4. Switching to a recyclable toothbrush
17. Switching to recycled toilet paper
35. Switching to Eco-Dent floss
36. Only drinking fair-trade, organic, locally roasted coffee
42. Not buying any more petroleum-based bath poufs and loufas
47. No more using paper towels or hand-dryers in public bathrooms
48. Investing in permanent laser hair removal rather than shaving or waxing forever
50. Turning off my freezer
54. Changing to natural, paraben-free lip balm
62. Not buying any more Q-tips
64. Recycling my used wine corks through the Bag-a-Cork program
67. Turning my oven off for good
74. Following the “If it’s yellow, let it mellow…” rule
78. Unplugging my whole fridge
85. Switching to an all-natural acne ointment
87. No more take-out, unless I bring my own containers
96. Sleeping naked
98. Not having any more baths
101. Ordering smaller, more eco-friendly business cards
103. Only watering my plants with greywater
108. Limiting my use of elevators
113. No plastic barf bags or packages of Gravol when hungover
125. Keeping the light in the bathroom off each morning while showering and brushing my teeth
130. Using biodegradable pens
136. Not drinking anymore canned beverages
137. Not drinking anymore bottled beverages
140. Only drinking organic hard liquor
145. Eating food straight from the pot or pan
155. Using hand-held fans instead of electric ones
158. Only buying eco-friendly jewellery
162. No more gift cards unless they’re homemade from scrap paper
166. Putting a bottle of water in the toilet tank to reduce the amount used per flush
170. Not wearing a gown at the doctor’s office
183. Only buying used sports equipment
186. Grooming my cat more often to prevent hairballs (and thus use less paper towel and water to clean them up)
187. Buying alcohol in bulk (ie. kegs, 2L bottles of wine, etc)
191. Not using toilet paper for peeing
192. Natural bug extermination, ie. drowning fruit flies in wine or syrup
196. Decreasing the margins on my Word documents
200. Reusing envelopes
202. Eating only ethically raised and caught fish
203. Cutting the end off the toothpaste tube when it’s almost done to scrape the last little bit out
219. Only buying wooden hangers, preferably used [
224. Getting cooking smells off my fingers with used green tea leaves rather than soap
239. Bringing my own reusable bib to the dentist’s
241. Eating my apple cores (and pear cores, etc) to waste less food
253. Drinking green tea instead of prescription drugs when having a nervous breakdown
257. Not using the fan in my bathroom
261. Reusing old floppy discs as coasters
263. Drinking straight from the bottle
266. Holding my hair up with a pen, chopstick or rubber band from my newspaper instead of buying more elastic bands or other hair accessories
279. Not using soap to wash my dishes unless there’s oil residue
285. No more downhill skiing (unless I carpool there, then haul my own ass up the hill)
289. Letting my dishes dry in the dishwasher rack with my houseplants beneath to collect the excess water dripping off
308. Not buying anymore plastic whatsoever
310. Using a soap dish made from reclaimed chopsticks
311. Collecting the elastic bands from my newspaper each morning and returning them to the delivery boy/girl
319. Going to an eco-conscious bike repair shop
323. Making fenders for my bike from old water bottles
326. Switching to an eco-conscious accountant for tax season
328. Commenting on other people’s decisions that aren’t very green, educating them about why it’s important to consider alternatives
358. Covering holes in the wall with pictures instead of buying plaster
361. Writing poetry in haiku form only
366. Sleeping more

In an earlier time, Vanessa would have lurched around in a hair shirt, haranguing passers-by about their sins. Yet there are hundreds of psychiatrically afflicted individuals in every major city who beat her whole list just by living as derelicts. If she keeps buying her organic hard liquor in bulk, drinking it from the bottle (even though she’s sworn off bottled beverages), and treating her nervous breakdowns with green tea, she’ll soon be ready to join them.


President Pencilneck Goes to War

I’m not sure who is advising Mr Hope ‘n Change, but if anyone is, they need to go get themselves a new job super-duper quickly. The Lefty Liberals are all frantically outraged at their Dear Leader for crossing the Progressive no-war line and going to war using kinetic military action in Libya. Horror! They’re actually comparing him to Bush, that’s how outraged they are! Now, Mr O did say that there would be no American ground troops in Libya, but he didn’t say anything about no NATO boots touching Libyan desert sand! Me thinks he speaks in double talk. In any case, my bet is that sooner rather than later we’ll see Obambi handing out more free weapons and bombs to his fellow Jihadists in Libya. Mr O is Al-Qaeda’s biggest fan so no guessing why he’s backing a rebel leader with ties to that organisation. Of course, I may be wrong. About that Nobel Peace Prize…..


Our Nobel Peace Prize laureate Moonbat Messiah is even more hawkish than W, according to Mark Halperin of left-liberal Time:

“By almost every metric you can use in terms of being a muscular executive — acting alone without congressional authority, extending the Bush policies overseas, particularly in the War on Terror and Afghanistan and Iraq — he’s been more hawkish than George Bush.”

Progressives may remember George Bush as the fascist warmonger whose bloodlust was going to plunge the world into chaos, and worse yet, make people not like us.
Cheer up, libs. The Manchurian Moonbat makes up for it by not acting in America’s interest. Gaddafi was pacified by Reagan and has been quiescent for years. The al Qaeda and Muslim Brotherhood types Obama is helping into power on our dime and at the inevitable cost of American lives are anything but.


South Africa: Former rugby star arrested after axe killings

There is lots of speculation as to who the ex-rugby player is that went on an axe-wielding killing spree in Durban, South Africa. Rugby is played mainly by the White population (with a few Affirmative Action quota players thrown in to balance the racial books) so the assumption is that the perpetrator is White (or at least, that’s what the ANC were praying for). Wrong. The most likely candidate is Joseph Ntshongwana, but we’ll have to wait to find out who exactly it is. This person decided to use his axe to decapitate a couple of his fellow Africans and killed another by hacking him with the axe. The initial motive offered was that he was avenging his daughter’s  gang-rape and subsequent HIV infection. Bizarrely, the police aren’t sure whether the perpetrator has any children or what the actual motive behind the murders is. Seems to me he’s a few cans short of a six-pack and “snapped”. Maybe one too many rugby tackles; or maybe it’s because he played for the Blue Bulls?

Hat tip: Julian B

A former Blue Bulls and South Africa U21 rugby player will appear in the Durban Magistrate’s Court today in connection with last week’s grisly axe killings of three men in Lamontville, Umbilo and Yellowwood Park in KwaZulu-Natal.

The 34-year-old played for the Blue Bulls’ Currie Cup and Vodacom Cup teams and the South African Barbarians.
He was arrested on Tuesday – a week after the first of the bizarre deaths in southern Durban.
When police released information on the killings last week, they claimed the killer may have been avenging the rape of his daughter, who was infected with HIV during the ordeal.
However, police yesterday could not confirm whether the former rugby player has a daughter.
According to police, the axe-wielding man allegedly targeted random men who were returning from work at night.
A 27-year-old man, who narrowly escaped last Tuesday, told police he was returning from work when a man in a grey car with an Eastern Cape number plate drove past him slowly in Lamontville.
He alleged that the driver stopped the car, jumped out and accused him of raping his daughter and infecting her with HIV.
The man told police that the attacker pulled out an axe and tried to hack him, but he managed to escape.
A day later, Ndodo Hlongwa was decapitated in the area. His head was found in a bin in Himalaya Road in Merebank.
Two more bodies were found in Yellowwood Park and Umbilo.
Police allegedly found a 40cm axe and clothing belonging to one of the victims in the suspect’s Yellowwood Park home.
The former rugby player will be charged on three counts of murder and attempted murder.


Lite moments

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Brutal Rapes plague Scandanavia

Another brutal rape and murder of a beautiful Swedish girl has stunned the once crime-free Scandinavian country. African and Muslim immigrants, who are pampered by the Swedish state, are conducting a reign of terror against the native population. Africans and Muslims commit virtually all the rapes in Norway and Sweden. The victim (pictured below) was apparently a multiculturalist and supporter of nonwhite immigration into Sweden. Her attacker (pictured, below) shows the true face of multicultural enrichment.

Elin Krantz and her alleged killer were riding the same tram to the Hisingen neighbourhood near Gothenburg in western Sweden.
Shortly thereafter Krantz was raped and murdered in a wooded area not far from the tram stop, according to information from the investigation.
Krantz and a friend were heading home on the number 5 tram line from the Valand nightclub in downtown Gothenburg around 4am after a Saturday night out together, according to an account by the Aftonbladet newspaper at the time of the killing.
While Krantz’s friend got off the tram at the Hjalmar Brantingsplatsen stop, the 27-year-old continued in the direction of Gropegårdsgatan. But she never came home.
A 23-year-old man was arrested shortly after the killing. On Friday he was charged with murder and aggravated rape.
According to prosecutors, the 23-year-old suspect hit and/or kicked Krantz with such force that she was left with contusions and haemorrhaging on her head, neck, arms, and legs.
The violence was so severe that it also caused nerve damage in Krantz’s brain, resulting in a lack of oxygen.
The 23-year-old is suspected of having raped Krantz by holding her down and forcing her legs apart. He then allegedly dragged her body over uneven ground and then placed it on a large stone block, according to prosecutors.
According to the prosecutors, the 23-year-old showed “extreme ruthlessness”.
The man, who has been in custody for more than five months, denies committing the crimes.
At the start of his time in remand, he remained silent during questioning from investigators. After several months, he finally admitted that he was at the scene of the killing, but pointed to two other men.
He also admitted riding the same tram as Krantz, but it was only when they got off at the same stop that the two exchanged any words.

South Africa: Jou ma se … advocate tells judge

The Cape Coloured race at their best. For all non-Afrikaans speaking readers, ‘Jou ma se p..s’ translates to ‘Your mothers p…….(insert female genital description) – a typical way for the Cape Coloured to dis another person. If you’ve ever lived in Cape Town you will be very familiar with this terminology and only the lowest of the low use it in public (usually the Coloured’s swearing at each other and watch out when alcohol is added to the mix!). In any case, here we have a Cape advocate mouthing this highly offensive phrase PLUS the f..k you phrase to a presiding judge! I guess this just goes to show that you can take the animal out of the bush (and dress him up), but you can’t take the bush out of the animal……..

Hat tip: Julian B

judge_march 30
Advocate Nehemiah Ballem

In an extraordinary outburst in the Western Cape High Court, an advocate swore at the presiding judge and then stormed out of the courtroom.

Advocate Nehemiah Ballem, apparently angry after being questioned by Judge Lee Bozalek about his late appearance, said to the judge in Afrikaans: “Jou ma se p**s, man, f**k you!”

The incident happened during the case of the State versus Godfrey Manxilane on Friday.

Ballem has acted as counsel for the accused in several high profile cases, including the Sizzler’s massacre in 2004; the case of the Elton and Wayne Smith brothers, who murdered marketing strategist Klaas Jonkheid in 2009; and SA Navy serial rapist Tsediso Letsoenya, convicted in 2009 of raping 20 women.

Bozalek, a prominent human rights lawyer in the apartheid days, has been a High Court judge since 2000.

The case began at 2.37pm, with Ballem and the state prosecutor, a Ms van Rooyen, introducing themselves to the judge.

This is a transcript, translated from Afrikaans, of the proceedings.

Judge: “Now first of all, Mr Ballem, where were you this morning?”

Ballem: “My lord, I just want to know if my clerk gave you a message?”

Judge: “Yes, we got a confused message … (about) car problems you had.”

Ballem: “Exactly. Now do you want to hear it again?”

Judge: “Excuse me?”

Ballem: “Do you want to hear the excuse again?”

Judge: “Yes.”

Ballem: “My car broke down.”

Judge: “Now why did you realise that around 10am when court proceedings were about to begin?”

Ballem: “We had to wait for the AA.”

Judge: “Yes?”

Ballem: “To tow the car away.”

Judge: “But you, no doubt, had a cellphone?”

Ballem: “I didn’t know about the case. I didn’t have my diary (sakboek) with me.”

Judge: “Your bag (sakkie) wasn’t with you?”

Ballem: “My diary wasn’t with me.”

Judge: “Yes. Could you not have phoned the High Court half an hour, an hour, before the time?”

Ballem: “Judge, how long must we hassle with this?”

Judge: “Excuse me?”

Ballem: “How long must we hassle with this? I’ve now gone to some trouble to be here.”

Judge: “Mr Ballem, perhaps you don’t realise, your first duty, if you have to appear in the High Court, is to be here, and you are not doing us a favour by being here, despite your problems. Why are you turning your face away from me while I’m speaking?”

Ballem: “Well, I asked my secretary to pass on a message and I assume she must have done so.”

Judge: “Yes, but then we got …” (interrupted)

Ballem: “Now do you want the message from me again?”

Judge: “Then we got another strange message: Could the case be postponed until Monday, a telephonic request for a postponement?”

Ballem: “Exactly. Then I got the message that you were prepared to wait for me, and now I am here.”

Judge: “You were not involved in another case this morning, were you?”

Ballem: “I was not involved, Judge. I am here now.” (He slams his hand on the desk.)

Judge: “Sir (meneer), your attitude, you must…” (interrupted)

Ballem: “But then you must not also come …” (interrupted)

Judge: “You must be careful about your attitude, Mr Ballem, in front of the court.”

Ballem: “But then you must also not come with an attitude.”

Judge: “Excuse me?”

Ballem: “I said then you must not come with an attitude, because we are both adults, I am not your child.”

Judge: “Mr Ballem, I must tell you …” (interrupted)

Ballem: “I said I am not your child.”

Judge: “I must warn you …” (interrupted)

Ballem: “You do exactly what you want. Do what you want.”

Judge: “You are sailing very close to the wind.”

Ballem: “Jou ma se p**s, man! F**k you!” (Ballem leaves the courtroom).

Judge: “Ms van Rooyen?”

Van Rooyen: “I don’t know what to say, my lord, except to suggest we remove the matter from the roll for today, and there we can …” (interrupted)

Judge: “I think the matter should rather be postponed sine die (adjourned indefinitely).”

Van Rooyen: “I agree … We’ll get other legal representation and then …” (interrupted)

Judge: “How will that be arranged?”

Van Rooyen: “My lord, I will take the case back to advocate Van der Merwe. He will arrange that someone else takes over the case … the documents are ready in any case.”

Judge: “I think it should remain with this court and I think the most appropriate order is that it be postponed indefinitely … Right, this case is postponed sine die, and Snellers (Legal Transcriptions) are requested to type all the proceedings that took place.”

When the Cape Times telephoned Judge Bozalek to ask for comment yesterday, his secretary said: “But how did you know about that? There were no press in court.” After speaking to Bozalek, she said: “The judge says he does not think it appropriate to discuss the matter with the press.”

When the Cape Times telephoned Ballem’s office, his receptionist said she had not heard from him since Friday.

“I’ve tried the whole day to get hold of him, but I can’t.”


$600 million for first week of Libyan intervention – Pentagon

As any good Socialist does, Obama is spending other people’s money, even after the piggy bank is empty! The USA doesn’t have 2 dimes to rub together, but Obama can find up to $100 million a week to fund his little “kinetic military action” in Libya. Just what is the USA doing in Libya? Actually, what is NATO doing in Libya? This is for the Libyans to sort out, not the rest of the world – and especially not the clueless Mr Obama who seems to be backing an Al-Qaeda operative (haha) rebel. When the Greens jump up and down in support of this little costly “intervention” then you must know something stinks in the State of Denmark. This isn’t going to end well and I’m going to enjoy watching as this liberal POTUS tries to get out of the web he’s weaved. I wonder what Gaddafi has on him that he’s forced to turn to war? Or of course, this could a more effective way to completely bankrupt the USA as all his other plans seem to be taking way too long. Mr Soros must be so proud of him.

One week after an international military coalition intervened in Libya, the cost to U.S. taxpayers has reached at least $600 million, according figures provided by the Pentagon.

U.S. ships and submarines in the Mediterranean have launched at least 191Tomahawk cruise missiles from their arsenals, costing $268.8 million, the Pentagon said.

U.S. warplanes have dropped 455 precision guided bombs, costing tens of thousands of dollars each.

A downed Air Force F-15E fighter jet will cost more than $60 million to replace.

And operation of ships and aircraft, guzzling ever-more-expensive fuel to maintain their positions off the Libyan coast and in the skies above, could reach millions of dollars a week, experts say.

“Each sortie, even if it drops no munitions, is very pricey,” said Winslow Wheeler of the Center for Defense Information. “These airplanes cost us tens of thousands of dollars to operate per hour, and the fancier you get in terms of planes, the costs get truly astounding.”

The three B-2 stealth bombers that flew from Missouri to Libya and back on an early bombing mission each cost an estimated $10,000 per hour to fly, a defense official said.

That means the planes, each on a 25-hour round-trip flight, ran up a bill of $750,000, and the 45 Joint Direct Attack Munitions (JDAM) they dropped added at least $1.3 million more.

So far the Pentagon has financed the mission to take out Libyan leader Moammar Gadhafi’s air defenses and disrupt his attacks on opposition forces using money in its existing budget, which has room for unanticipated military actions. The White House has not been forced to ask Congress for additional funds for the campaign.

Service member salaries, fuel costs and equipment maintenance are all part of annual military operating budgets. And hundreds of munitions, including the $1.4 million cruise missiles, are acquired each year and routinely used in action and training, officials say.

But experts say the administration may have to submit an emergency supplemental budget request for Libya later this year, assuming U.S. involvement in the international military operation does not end swiftly.

The cost of operating the no-fly zone over Libya alone could cost the U.S. an estimated $30 million to $100 million a week, a study by the Center for Strategic and Budgetary Assessments found.


USA: Military indoctrinated on gays kissing, behavior

I don’t understand the Left. Their totalitarian ideology is so off-putting to normal people that you have to wonder how they continue to influence lives around the world. In the UK, only 1% of people polled admit to being gay, so I’m guessing the figure is about the same in the USA. Yet, the loony Obambi-run government is ramming a gay agenda down the military’s throat. Don’t worry about the tanking economy, rampant unemployment, illegal immigration or the drug war South of the border – the most important thing on Obama’s to-do list is to repeal the DADT policy and enforce a more gay-friendly defence force. I suppose the commanders will need to find time between bombing Libya and fighting in Afghanistan to read the propaganda material and then practise how to answer questions that will probably never be asked. Yes, Mr Obama is once again showing us what Affirmative Action appointees and White guilt brings to gullible people and hopefully a lesson will be learnt! Seems those 9 months Obama served as a Senator wasn’t enough to groom him for being the POTUS. Who knew….


Four branches of the military have begun sending training material to 2.2 million active and reserve troops as a prelude to opening the ranks to gays, with instructions on, for example, what to do if an officer sees two male Marines kissing in a shopping mall.

Key themes are that sexual orientation will no longer be a bar to service, that all service members must respect each other, and that the partners of gay troops will not receive the benefits of heterosexual spouses.

“We are going to make [gay ban] repeal training expeditiously,” said Maj. Joel Harper, an Air Force spokesman at the Pentagon. “It’s great training.”

The briefings first target commanders, who will have to enforce the new law and deal with disputes, and then the entire force. The slides, vignettes and talking points by the Air Force, Army, Navy and Marine Corps are similar.

The Marine Corps, which a Pentagon survey found holds deep opposition to lifting the ban, plans to publicly release its training material April 1. A Marine source provided copies to The Washington Times.

The vignette about seeing two male Marines kissing is part of a list of scenarios to help instructors prepare commanders for incidents likely to arise.

“Situation,” it begins. “You are the Executive Officer of your unit. While shopping at the local mall over the weekend, you observe two junior male Marines in appropriate civilian attire assigned to your unit kissing and hugging in the food court.

“Issue: Standards of Conduct. Is this within standards of personal and professional conduct?”

The answer to Marines: “If the observed behavior crosses acceptable boundaries as defined in the standards of conduct for your unit and the Marine Corps, then an appropriate correction should be made. Your assessment should be made without regard to sexual orientation.”

The vignettes’ talking point states that commanders cannot rule a bar off limits simply because it caters to gays. Nor can commanders bar an off-duty homosexual from marching in civilian clothes in a gay-pride parade.

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